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In order to meet our clients’ financial needs, we assist with strategies that maximize wealth accumulation, generate liquidity, generate income, meet personal liabilities, and facilitate additional security. Our goal is to provide our clients with a seamless financial infrastructure that meets their individualized objectives in a compliant, tax-efficient manner irrespective of where they operate or reside.

Who We Are

Over the years, we have witnessed our clients' increasingly globalized lifestyles and currently represent residents of over 40 countries. The majority of FOXROC’s clients have multijurisdictional considerations as they have interests as well as assets in various regions of the world. It is common for our clients to have multiple residencies and/or citizenships.




FOXROC's team is familiar with the financial planning complexities that are attributed to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). We have established active offices within the United States and Europe in order to diligently service our clients on a real-time basis while staying current with the international financial, accounting and estate-planning communities. In order to better communicate these complex planning, accounting and insurance strategies, FOXROC works in coordination with FVB de Boer Financial Consultants. This partnership provides our clients with a number of offerings that solve many of the obstacles that U.S. expats and non-U.S. citizens encounter daily.

  • Retirement / Pension Insurance Alternatives (Life Insurance & Annuities)
  • On-going In-force Life Insurance Policy Management
  • International Inheritance & Gift Tax Analyses
  • International Inheritance & Gift Tax Strategies
  • Life Insurance Portfolio Audits
  • Risk Management Needs Analysis
  • International Business Succession Strategies & Key-Man Life Insurance
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Consultations
  • Brussels IV Consultations
  • International Mortgage Consultations
  • International High-Limit Temporary & Permanent Disability Insurance



Jeffrey D. Gallo Founder

Jeffrey is a recognized expert in the areas of insurance, estate and business continuity planning for affluent individuals, families and business professionals within the United States and abroad. In 2003, Jeffrey launched his professional career at Arnone, Lowth & Associates where he gained significant knowledge in the implementation of rarely utilized insurance and next generational planning strategies.

In 2013, Jeffrey founded Heritage Preservation Group (HPG) where he was able to implement his unique vision and business model to better serve his clients. It was also during this time that Jeffrey diversified his business strategy to include international succession and financial planning for his U.S. clients, non-U.S. clients, and multinational corporations. While completing this, Jeffrey established a global network and refined his turnkey planning approach in order to accommodate his clients’ evolving lifestyles and objectives.

In 2016, HPG rebranded into FOXROC in coordination with strategic global partners. FOXROC has now become a leading global insurance and succession planning firm with the capabilities and infrastructure to accommodate the planning needs of high net worth families and multinational corporations, no matter where they are located.

Jeffrey frequently lectures to many prominent accounting firms, law firms and independent financial firms within the United States and in Europe on topics that include the application of estate planning strategies (domestic and international), business continuity planning, U.S. and international life insurance strategies, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Regulation (EU) No. 650/2012, more commonly referred to as Brussels IV.

Jeffrey studied Systems Engineering with a pre-law emphasis at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point where he played for the varsity ice hockey program. In addition, Jeffrey is a Certified Estate Planner from his studies at The American Academy of Certified Estate Planners and became a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) from his studies at The American College.

Thomas R. Henry Partner

Thomas launched his professional career in 2002 at US Trust Company, N.A. where he worked in the Custody Department of their high net worth Division. In 2008, Thomas joined JP Morgan in the Treasury and Securities Services Group where he was a Client Service Manager for the Derivative Collateral Management Team.

In 2010, Thomas transitioned his career from the corporate banking world to a boutique life insurance and succession planning firm in order to pursue his interests and expertise in working with high net worth families. It was here that Thomas applied his previous background toward the areas of insurance, estate and business continuity planning. As a result of this experience, Thomas founded Henry Planning Group in 2014 in order to implement his vision and serve his clients with the expertise and personal attention that are necessary when addressing a client’s holistic planning needs.

In 2016, Thomas rebranded in order to partner with FoxRoc and its strategic global partners which has allowed for him to service his clients, globally. Thomas’ primary focus remains in life insurance and succession planning strategies for high net worth individuals, families, young up and comers and multinational corporations. At FoxRoc, Thomas’ primary function is in new business development, relationship management, and marketing on a domestic and global platform.

Thomas is very involved with philanthropic endeavors that currently include serving as a Member of the Board for the Inner City Scholarship Fund - Champions for Quality Education - Capital Improvements Committee.

Thomas graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Nashelly A. Magallanes Managing Director

Nashelly is passionate about connecting people and resources on a global scale. She advises various clients on establishing operations abroad, launching strategic marketing campaigns, and optimizing their supply chain. In FoxRoc she has found a group of talented professionals who are passionate about finding or creating tailored solutions to meet their client's financial goals.

In 2010, Nashelly launched her professional career at Parker Hannifin, where she gained an introduction to global supply chain and financial compliance within publicly traded multinational corporations.

In 2013, Nashelly accepted an offer to serve as the CEO of energy retailer, Reliable Power, operating in the New England territory and relocated to New York City. She obtained significant experience in company turn around, marketing, and corporate Restructuring.

After a successful liquidation, Nashelly accepted an offer from Accenture LLP as a management consultant. While working for Accenture she participated in various high profile M&A projects with multinational Fortune 100 companies.

When FoxRoc contacted Nashelly regarding their vision for seamless global financial services for individuals and multinational corporations , she was immediately captivated by the project. Being constantly engaged in business initiatives that connect people around the globe, her contacts range widely from a pop-up chef in Costa Rica to a paper goods manufacturer in Guangdong.

Nashelly graduated with a degree in Architecture from Princeton University where she played rugby for the Women's Rugby Football Club.

Lori Balcuk Director of Client Onboarding & Services

Lori Balcuk launched her professional career in 2005 as an elementary school teacher on Long Island, NY

In 2014, Lori elected to leave the educational field in order to join FOXROC as an Executive Assistant where her core focus was supporting FOXROC’s leadership team. In 2016, Lori’s role within FOXROC evolved as she transitioned into the Director of Client On-Boarding & Services. Lori’s core responsibilities within FOXROC includes client on-boarding and the management of client servicing. During her time at FOXROC, Lori has played an integral part in refining the turn-key methodology that FOXROC implements with their clients as well as streamlining many of FOXROC’s internal protocols.

Lori Balcuk has a Master of Science degree in Literacy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Childhood Education, both from Long Island University.

Ms. Balcuk resides in Dix Hills NY.

Global Advisor

Provides insight on strategic choices facing FOXROC’s global presence, and works to broaden and enhance the firm’s increasing market share.

José de Boer Founder

José has an established reputation as a leading specialist of expat mortgages, financial planning and life planning throughout the Netherlands. José founded FVB De Boer Financial Consultants 20 years ago with a "serve first" philosophy. As a result of this service-driven business model, José and her team have grown FVB De Boer Financial Consultants into the premier expat mortgage provider.

José is fluent in Dutch, English, French and German which allows her to communicate with clients in their language, thus overcoming many barriers that are typically encountered within the international financial community.

She is passionate about a number of causes within the local community, offering support to the local soccer club and numerous animal causes locally and internationally.

José is an authorized Insurance provider, she holds a master's degree in Financial Planning (MFP) from RSM Erasmus University, a Registered Life Planner (RLP) designation from George Kinder institute and is registered and licensed with the AFM (Dutch Financial Services Authority).

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Global Strategies

Benefits of an Insurance Portfolio Review

Life insurance products are complex financial instruments that need to be actively managed. FOXROC operates with the understanding that an insurance product’s performance must be measured continuously and not just at policy issuance. This commitment to in-force policy management is a distinguishing factor from our competitors, and it ensures that our clients are maximizing the economics of their premium dollars.

The Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA), which has been widely adopted throughout the U.S., gives a fiduciary duty to trustees not just with investments, but also any life insurance products held in Trust. As such, legal judgments are measured by death benefit, not account values. In response, FOXROC assists trustees in developing a process to manage Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI).

Advantages of U.S. Life Insurance Products

  • Lower annual costs for exact same coverage.
  • More carrier and product availability.
  • Death claims will be paid out.
  • Policies can not be rescinded after 2 years.
  • Larger capacity. (U.S. carriers can and will issue policies in excess of $7.5-million).
  • U.S. dollar is considered safe and more stable, both politically and economically.
  • Fewer privacy and confidentiality concerns.
  • Acts as a specific tax-advantaged asset.
  • Provides asset diversification within any investment portfolio.
  • Non-U.S. citizens can constructively own a U.S. policy without U.S. Estate Tax inclusion and obtain tax-free cash value accumulation, tax-free loans, and tax-free death benefit.

Examples of a Valid U.S. Nexus

  • Have a bank account in the U.S.?
  • Own real property or a residence in the U.S.?
  • Have significant, systematic ongoing legal business in the U.S.?
  • Own a business that is located in the U.S.?
  • Maintain an investment within the U.S.?
  • Have a beneficiary located within the U.S.?
  • File a U.S. tax return?
  • Have a U.S.-based Trust?
  • Work for a multinational corporation with a U.S. office?

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