Clare Summerfield

Clare started her career with Guardian Royal Exchange in Dublin, Ireland. She then transitioned into education where she lectured exclusively on business and economics throughout the United Kingdom before returning to the financial services industry.

Clare has become an expert in international investment management and has worked throughout the Netherlands, Germany and France. Clare’s experience extends across many fields of the financial sector to include corporate finance, asset management, real estate, and venture capital.

Clare is also a known expert in assisting private clients who hold multijurisdictional assets, and planning for multinational corporations. Consequently, Clare understands the unique financial and planning challenges that are unsuspectedly bestowed upon international clients.

Clare frequently lectures to many prominent accounting firms, law firms and independent financial advisors on topics that include the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), international financial planning, and the availability of U.S. products for non-U.S. citizens.

Clare graduated from DBS, Ireland, with a degree in Business and Accounting. She is a strong advocate for continual personal training and education. She is an APA in Life Assurance, CBI Dip in Financial Advice, CISI Securities and Investments, and she is currently writing a dissertation on UCITs for her master’s degree in Finance.

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